iTmotion is an expert company of Skilliance Group

pagesociete_iconSkilliance Group is publisher and integrator of business software for vehicles distribution since 20 years.

iTmotion is one of the expert company of Skilliance group, dedicated to the pan-European development of Filaks+: a solution published by the German company FREICON AG.

For over 10 years, Freicon AG ensures the development and the distribution in France of Filaks+ DMS. A Franco-German partnership between provider and integrator, guarantee of durability.

Changing your information system with iTmotionrely on:

  • A team of dedicated consultants
  • A pragmatic approach and proven deployment
  • 3 partners guarantors of the technical infrastructure
  • Internal process control
  • A collaborative and human support

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– Impact analysis
– Training and communication plans
– Measure actions
– Sustainable and customs user assistance


Strong partnerships, guarantors of the technical infrastructure

An ecosystem of partners for a global IT solution


Our experts are at your disposal

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